Monday, May 17, 2010

A War Against the Native Americans

During the Pequot War, American settlers burned a Native American village. The fire killed hundreds of Native Americans, including women and children. Imagine you are a survivor of this fire who lives in the devastated village. Write an account of what happened.

It all started a few days ago. We were hunting, then Squalem, a young boy, came yelling to us “The white men are invading!” Then he got shot with a arrow on the arm. When we got to the village, we removed the arrow and treated his wounds, including the wounds he keeps getting from walking in the forest. Then a white man came and said “I will burn down this village UNLESS you Indians surrender!” He was really angry. When we didn’t comply to his demands, he threw the torch at the elder’s home and left in a hurry.

The fire spread around the village very fast. Faster then the wind’s running. Faster than a snake’s slithering. Since we have lots of trees in the village, the fire was super powerful and super hot! We ran away from the village to the forest and then to the seashore, where we would probably be safe.

When we got back, all was gone expect for the elder. She was standing in the fire ring, where the fire didn’t burn. Her deerskin clothing was covered in soot, as was the rest of her. She said “A young boy, Squalem, helped me escape. He did a great deed, and I rewarded him with a relic; My great-grandmother’s necklace. He is now out in the forest, examing the dead trees and plants, and observing the damage of the white men.”

I hope these white men don’t burn down any more villages. Hundreds of innocent lives were lost.

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