Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Other Life in the Universe

What is your opinion about the possibility of life on other planets? Do you need to see it to believe it, or do you believe that in a universe as vast as ours, alien life must exist? Write on the topic, beginning with the sentence,

I believe (don’t believe) there is life on other planets because…

I believe there is life on other planets because with so many stars, one has to have a planet that can support life orbiting around it. How did the Chinese build their magnificent stone wall without the tools to build them. They had to have help, most likely from some sort of alien life form that had the tools necessary to build them. How did the Mayans build their pyramids? They had to have help from aliens, because they couldn’t have built those pyramids without the right tools, and they didn’t have the right tools! Nor did they have the right workforce. From my knowledge, the Mayan empire was small, so they had to have had a small amount of people.

We may never know if there is other intelligent life forms, but we learn in my lifetime.

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  1. I agree with you,there is life else where. I believe this fully!