Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trader on the Coast

Imagine you are a trader aboard a ship that is traveling the Triangle Trade route. Create a journal entry that describes a stop on the African coast. Include details about the goods you traded there and the people with whom you traded.

December 31, 1599

As I’ve stated before, I’m a merchant on the ship India. I’m over on the African coast, in the port city of Nouakchott. My ship is carrying a brown goo-like substance made from the sugar-cane. It will be used to make rum.

We are currently trading with a man named Salque Albinwa. In return for the brown substance, he will give us slaves to bring back to the West Indies. Then, when we get there, we will send them to the colonies and then they will get auctioned off to the highest bidder. They know that many families will be broken up, yet they don’t care. If I were them, I would send them into the Slave Protection Program, at least, if there was something like that.

Salque will also give us money. There are lots of big bills to spend and even more to pay off. In another words, he’s giving us money to pay off those bills that are just stacking up.

Anyways, I’m done writing for now. I hope that one day, slavery will end. Oh, and you’re probably wondering why I took this job. The reason is I can’t find another job to do.

That’s the end of this year. Tomorrow is the beginning of the 17th century, and I’ll be writing again then.

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