Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Star is Born

If you were allowed to star in the movie of your choice, what kind of movie would you choose? Pick out your co-stars, your shooting location, and your wardrobe. Include, if you like, your action sequences and the martial arts you’ll learn.

I would be in a movie based of my Super-Kid idea. My co-stars would be my friends Dakota Porter, Josh Bell, Cody, and Jared Porter. As for shooting location, I would probably shoot at Mt.Everest, and Carbondale, Illinois (For the scenes in the house), and also on a special set in a soundstage, and finally in Saguaro National Park. My wardrobe would consist of my super-hero out fit and clothes a normal kid would wear. Same for my friends. My action sequences would be the battle scenes and the scene where whomever is Fire-Girl is lost in space after a mission to destroy the bad guy goes wrong. I would have to learn karate if I wanted to act in the movie.

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