Wednesday, May 12, 2010

About My Name

Many names have special meaning or history. For example, the name Hannah means “favor” or “grace”. The name Vito means “life”.

Write about your own name. Who named you? What does your name mean? Does it have a special ethnic or religious significance? Are you named after someone in your family? If you could change your name, would you?

My name is Benyamin. My name is variation of the Hebrew name Benjamin. It means “Son of my Right Hand (Favorite Son)”. My name has ethnic significance in the fact my mom and dad wanted me to be named Benjamin, but wanted our Danish relatives to be able to pronounce it correctly. I am named after my great-grandfather DuBose and my Danish uncle Benny. Although Benyamin is a good name, people keep screwing it up and say “Benjamin” instead. I would change my name to something that people can’t mix up, like “Kyle” or “Alex”. Then again, my Dad says that people can screw up something as simple as “Jim”.

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  1. So true. My name is Kim, but everyone always assumes it's short for Kimberly. It's not. It's simply Kim ...