Thursday, May 13, 2010

“Discovering” America

Christopher Columbus is often credited with “discovering” America, although the land he discovered was already inhabited. Imagine that you are one of the Native Americans who was living in North America when Columbus arrived. You later learn that he has taken credit for the “discovery” of your home. Write a response to his claim.

Here goes:

Columbus did not discover my home. Many moons ago, my ancestors came from the north and settled in my land. They crossed the sea and lived here for many moons. Then those devilish white men came and took my land! They claimed it was discovered by them.

I say that Columbus is a big, infatuated liar. He knows if people already live there, then its already been discovered, yet he insists he discovered it!

That’s what I would say if I was a Native American. If somebody said they discovered my home, and took all the credit, I’d be pretty ticked off.

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