Monday, May 17, 2010

My Own Private Utopia

A utopia, according to Webster’s dictionary, is “any place or state of ideal perfection.” One person’s utopia might be a country where discrimination does not exist and all lifestyles are tolerated. Another person’s utopia might be a huge city full of clubs, theaters, and restaurants. What is your idea of utopia? If you could design the ideal society, what kind of laws would govern it? What would it look like? What kind of people would live there?

My utopia would be a city called Omegatopolis. It would look like a giant glass dome with a city inside. Right next to the gates would be what looks like store scanners with golden neon rings around them. If anyone brought in a weapon, they would have to show proof of purchase for the weapon, registration, and ID. If they couldn’t, then they would be kicked out of Omegatopolis.

Then you could go into Omegatopolis. It is a HUGE city. It is divided into sectors. Sector A is the residential part of the city. It contains houses, apartments, religious places, and schools. It is northeast of the Omega Sector. Sector B is mainly commercial. It contains lots of stores, clubs, restaurants, 5 theaters, etc. It is to the northwest of the Omega Sector. Sector C is industrial. It contains factories, warehouses, and power plants. It is to the southeast of the Omega Sector. Sector D is recreational areas. It has golf and country clubs, parks, trails, etc. It is to the southwest of the Omega Sector.

The Omega Sector is a political area. It contains the city hall, senate building, voting area, and voicing area. It is a major area of the city.

Everyone could live there. If you can work in the city, you can live in the city for free.
Of course, you would still need to pay for food and such.

Laws that would govern the city would be:

Zero crime tolerance
No one entering or leaving the city can bring a weapon of mass destruction, such as an A-bomb, dynamite, etc.
Slavery is illegal.
Discrimination is illegal

The laws go on and on! You need 1 and a half Constitutions to fit in all the laws.

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