Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Center of the Earth

Imagine that you know nothing about science. As such a person, what do you think is at the center of the Earth? Come up with a few theories.

At the center of the Earth, there are dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. There are cavemen and there are ancient astronauts. There are giant mice and very tiny whales. The trees are underwater and the corral is on land. The canyons at the base go up and away, while the mountains are quite the opposite.

There is lots of water, in fact, 89% of it is under water! Most of the land is tropical. There are no Arctic regions, but rather cold forests. There is 1 small desert.

Of course, where does all that magma come from? I think every time there is a volcanic eruption, lava floods the place and thus destroys everything. The hour after the eruption finishes, everything grows back in place.

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