Thursday, May 13, 2010

Forced to Eat Dogs

The first permanent English settlement in North America was Jamestown, Virginia. The condition were bad: settlers clashed with Native Americans and, once the food ran out, were forced to eat rats, mice, dogs, and cats. Imagine you are a settler dealing with these troubles. Write a letter to your family back in England describing your situation.

Dear Family,

Conditions in Jamestown are horrific. We have a hard time just staying alive!

It all started when we were attacked by the Indians. They stole most of our food and, as a result, are starving us to death. We are forced to eat dogs, cats, and rodents. This is not exactly conditions someone would call “prosperous”.

When the winter came, many people died of starvation and from the cold. We are not doing well. Thankfully, we are becoming skilled hunters and are starting to move on to big game. Sadly, we cannot catch a deer if our lives depended on it. And they do depend on it.

I’m worried for the sake of my people. The Native Americans are ruthless, cold-hearted barbarians that care only for themselves. We were just peaceful settlers trying to survive. Now, we are desperate for help. If it weren’t for religious constraints, I’d move back to England. But Jamestown is the only place I can practice my beliefs.

I hope you get this and that we don’t get wiped out.


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