Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Tough with the Colonists

After such incidents as the Boston Tea Party and the decision by the Continental Congress to begin a complete boycott of British goods, the British government decided to get tough with the rebellious colonists. In your opinion, was there a “good guy” and a “bad guy” in this situation? If so, which was which, and why.

Yes. The colonists were the good guys, and Britain the bad guys. The reason the colonists were the good guys is that they didn’t deserve to be taxed like that. They did nothing wrong!

The British were bad because they beefed up the taxes for no good reason! They were like legal robbers. They were stealing, yet they were never going to get punished by law. They were not being fair.

That is how I feel about things. The British were like the sheriff from that classic child’s story Robin Hood. He stole money from the poor so he could beef up his own budget. Again, that’s what Britain did.

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