Monday, May 17, 2010

The Friday of my Sleepover

Last Friday was a fun Friday. First we went to Show Low to get supplies for smore’s and hot dog supplies. Then we went on a dirt road to get some rocks for our fire pit. On the way we encountered a pile of snow. Dad plowed through it like a maniac. I think I had a heart attack. We encountered more obsticles, such as small trees and rocks. On the way back, we got stuck in the snow. Mom decided to shovel through it. So Dad started digging away at the snow. Finally we got out of the snow.

When we got home, I fixed my room up and went outside. We had to pitch tents for my sleepover. I pitched my tent (With, of course, help from my Mom and Dad) and fixed the poles for Mom and Dad’s tent. Then I ran over to my friend Josh’s place to see if he was home. He wasn’t, but his dad was. I told him that he could tell Josh that our sleepover site was ready. About a half-hour later, Josh came over to my place. We got our tent all ready for the night, and before dinner, we played. That night we had hot dogs roasted on the fire. Josh had his with spicy mustard and ketchup. I had mine with everything but yellow mustard. I don’t know what my parent had on their’s.

Then me and Josh played a bit more, got some toys and paper, and hit the sack. We stayed up about until 1:00 am. That when I fell asleep. Josh probably fell asleep at around 1:30 am.

That was last Friday, the day of my first sleepover. Josh was quite happy about being the first person to sleepover at my house.


  1. Ben-
    Sounds like you had a fun time and I love your blog...I made the kit that you and your mom used for this blog...

    I enjoyed reading about your campout...keep up the good work!!!

  2. Thanks for reading my blog and for the kit you made.

  3. That was a very good blog, keep up the great job.