Thursday, August 12, 2010

Roll and Write

Today I had to I had to roll this cube, pick a story, then write the answers. I had to repeat 3 times.

Literature. Unit 1. Lesson 8. 8/12/10

Roll 1: When and where does the story take place? Provide two examples. “The Sword of Damocles”
There are no clues to where it takes place, other then the fact that it say the characters are in King Dionysius’s palace.

Roll 2: What important lesson does the character or characters learn? “As Rich as Croseus”
Croseus learns that being wealthy is not the same as being happy. He also learns that you can’t tell if you are happy or not until you die.

Roll 3: What part of the story did you find most interesting? Describe the part and tell why you thought it was the most interesting. “The Three Questions”
My favorite part was the beginning. Its amazing how so many people disagree on the same thing. For example, the first question, "When is the right time for every action?", some say to draw up a schedule of days, months, and years, and strictly stick to it. Others said to have a council of wise men. Still some said that you needed to know in advance when everything was going to happen. Only magicians knew this, so he needed to consult the magicians. Don't even get me started on the second question, "Who are the people most important to me?" So many answers. Some said the priests, some said the people, some said the administrators, still some said the warriors.

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